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Summer 2013 Garden Update

July 8, 2013 - 1:55 pm

garden070713Is everyone else tired of the rain? I mean, I’m not complaining… much. Check out our garden! Clearly the rain has been fantastic for the veggies! Just a month ago the beans were barely climbing the trellis, the zucchini and squash were a fraction of their current size, and everything just looked so small. Now look at it! Organic gardening FOR THE WIN!

Gardening is a lot of waiting. You wait until the frost date to plant. Then you wait for the seeds to germinate. Then you baby them with water and weed a bit while you wait for everything to grow. Wait, wait, wait. So much waiting, but when things finally start producing delicious, tasty home-grown food WATCH OUT. You’ll have more on your hands than you know what to do with.

I’ve been severely slacking on the updates, but here’s what’s going in the garden currently: We had our first harvest a few weeks ago with the bed full of radishes. And, of course, I forgot to tally up the total weight of the harvest. Last week we picked about 6 zucchini totaling in around 1.9 lbs with more zucchini on the way! Already I’m feeling a bit ‘done’ with zucchini, so I’m going to have to start getting creative with how I work it into our meals. I found 3, maybe 4 little bitty acorn squashes growing, with plenty of blooms for more. Peppers, beans, and eggplants are all blooming, and we have quite the haul of green tomatoes with more blooms coming. Oh, and cucumbers are blooming like crazy with lots of teeny tiny cukes!

We planted Sugar Baby watermelons in the box between the zucchini and tomatoes, but you can’t tell because they’re taking their sweet time growing. I swear those things sat in the box with their two “true” leaves for a month before I saw any more growth. I’ve never tried growing melons before, so we’ll see if we end up with any this year. If not then I might just have to find something else to plant next year in that spot instead.

I’ve added a new page for the garden harvest tally, so you can see, too, how much food we’ve raised from our little city lot!


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